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Airporting it up!

Oh, LJ. I always forget I have you. I think I'll make it my New Year's Resolution to write more, including in my LJ!

Right now I am at the Orlando airport, waiting for my delayed flight to Philly, where my parents will be waiting to whisk me away to New Jersey. I am going begrudgingly, and mostly to see my grandmas and my sisters, but it will be okay seeing my parents for about...I'm gonna call it at one hour before I realize why I love living away from them. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic, but at least it will be good contrast and help me to appreciate living so very far way from them. :) I'll be there until the 30th, so it's just a short trip. If I ever make it there, with this two hour delay. Come on, Philly! Lift the no-fly ban, so I can skee-dat!

I finished up my Fall semester, where I was taking General Biology II and some Humanities class, in which I both got A's! I'm really excited about the A in Bio II though, because I worked my ass off trying to get an A. I feel like Biology is gonna be my path in life, or at least for now, so I've decided to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Biology.I have a bunch of prerequisites that I can hopefully knock out before having to go to a University. It's a suuuper long list, including:

Precalculus Algebra
Precalculus Algebra & Trigonometry
Physics 1
Physics 2
Chemistry 1
Chemisty 2
Organic Chem. 1
Organic Chem. 2
....and that's just to knock out my prereq.'s before I go to UCF! I still have to talk to a UCF advisor about it, but that list is fucking daunting. Baby steps! Next semester (since I didn't register for class fast enough) I'm only taking two classes: Precalculus Algebra and Microbiology (it's not technically required but I think it'll be suuuuuuper awesome!). So. Many. Classes. I think it'll be totally worth it though, as long as I can get through all the math (which I can, but it will be like...24/7 study time over here) and the Chemistry.

My little house is coming together slowly but surely. I'll be sure to post pictures once it's (mostly) done, because I'm sure I'll be forever tweaking it as time progresses. I also got a bit of sewing done before I left. Topstitched 6 new prints, and cut out tops and fleece for 6 more, including flannel. I hope to have my shop a little more stocked when I come back from NJ! I'd love to get lots more sewing in before I start with the school madness again. Yikes.

I'm off to read or something before my computer loses all of it's battery. ♥


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Dec. 28th, 2012 12:11 am (UTC)
I'm thinking of going to New Jersey for the summer to visit a friend and *grumble* the stupid family. But mainly to visit some really nice people.

Yep! Motivation is key! I do better biology related courses than I do math.

I did all of those classes, and it took me a while. Be selective of who you take for those kinds of classes, because some professors do things different than others. Like some physics professors give sample tests, others don't, etc. Organic Chemistry is an interesting class, as long as you practice and kinda have an idea what to do, you are golden!

You can take Pre-Calculus together with Trigonometry (lots of work, but saves you a semester instead of taking them seperately)..I hate physics with a passion. I cannot stand it! Since you changed your major, it's always good to start slow with about 2-3 classes, and then work your way up.

And UCF is a fantastic school! Their science programs are very awesome! I know a few people who finished prereqs at my college and then went to UCF for Pre-Med.

I'm off to make dinner and read as well!
It was so good to hear how you are doing!

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